Richards Knife World Warranty Details

All items sold here at Richards Knife World will be new and covered by the manufacturer warranty. Please be sure to register your new product with the manufacturer when you purchase it as well as save your receipt from us in the event that a manufacturer defect does occur. All warranty will be done through the manufacturer direct. If you do need help reaching out to the manufacturer for any reason and can't find their information, one our staff members will be happy to assist you in getting a link to their information.

Warranty will not apply to items being used for purposes that they are not intended for. Examples that will not be covered would be using your knife as a pry bar, trying to modify and customize your piece, leaving it out in the weather, using it as a hammer, sharpening it with a grinder, or even just using it as a thrower if it is simply a pocket knife.

We do not warranty the products as we are not the manufacturer of the products. We understand that sometimes manufacturer defects can arise and will be here to point you in the right direction the best we can to get your issues resolved.

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